David Faraci  








I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Durham University.

My current research focuses on the related roles coincidence plays in metaethics and epistemology: knowledge requires our beliefs to be non-coincidentally true; moral worth requires our actions to be non-coincidentally right. I argue that coincidence stems from an absence of explanatory connection, and consider whether and how different epistemological and metaethical views can illuminate or at least accommodate the connections thus required for knowledge and moral worth. Besides other projects in metaethics and epistemology, I work on property rights, exploitation, and the relationship between ignorance and moral responsibility.

In addition to my research, I am co-founder of Open Tower, an organization that develops open source technologies in ser­vice of a more trans­par­ent, in­clu­sive and empowered academy. I am also co-founder of Donation Ethics, which develops and hosts open letters by ethicists and economists who support ethical donation-compensation practices.